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Mark Rahme : Principal
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Mark Rahme, the principal of Mark Rahme & Associates, is a fully qualified solicitor with over 20 years experience. His knowledge and expertise in a variety of legal matters including family law, wills and estates, business law and property conveyancing provide his clientele with competent legal advice and service performed in an efficient and timely manner, saving time and providing his clientele with the results they are paying for.

We understand that it is a difficult time for clients dealing with family matters including divorce and children,. These issues can seem overwhelming at times. Mark Rahme understands the impact these issues can have and provides prompt and effective legal advice so that clients can appreciate where they stand at a very early stage in relation to their entitlements and responsibilities and how the legal process generally works. With an emphasis on reaching a settlement at the earliest opportunity wherever possible, clients are able to finalise their issues without the stress and expense involved in litigation. Lets face it, you have worked hard for your assets and don’t want to see your assets be whittled away in legal expense.

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